October 21, 2001

October 21, 2001 02:52 AM

http://www.theinfinitemind.com/ The Infinite Mind is a radio program on National Public Radio that I listen to regularly . This most recent program’s topic was on the sense of smell. Smell and emotion, smell and memory….. Since my head injury in March, I have no sense of smell and listening to this edition of the program was particularly fascinating. The relationship to smell and emotion was directly speaking to me. More and more I find myself without the extreme levels of highs and even lows . One comment on the show was : “without smell, … there is no emotion.” I would not say I have no emotion ! But I would say there has been a major shift in the way I process ‘intensity’.

I relish it as a connoisseur.

“Contemplating raw hungry lust, she typed the words on to the computer screen.” …

One of the consequences of Artery has been an interpreted projection of my ‘voice’ as seer or sage. mmmm. Well, truth is I am more and more aware of what I do NOT ‘know’ as each day goes by. Where I am now in my life is: simplifying and getting rid of clutter in my home and in my thoughts. Careful and clear.

My heart soared for one vivid moment this afternoon. It came about simply through the anticipation of seeing a loved one as I turned off lights and locked the door and walked towards the truck….keys in hand. A brief moment of joyous clarity shared with no one and still I smiled.

Life is make up of these brief moments. Savor them. Don’t cease. Seize them. Don’t put off the spontaneous passion for tomorrow. ‘Use it or lose it ‘ ! Do the dance — NOW.