October 24, 2001

October 24, 2001 11:23 PM

life is filled with absurd little ironies. i shall illustrate with the following vignette. two days ago i get a big congratulatory letter from my insurance company for having such a *spotless* driving record. the company informs me that since i am such an exemplary driver , my insurance rates will now be reduced as a reward ! … (glowing ) ………… that night, after the best jog/run around the park that i’ve had in awhile, i’m pulling out of the parking lot feeling a rare satisfaction. .. suddenly, a blue light is violently flashing in my rearview mirror. a cop questions me with a very alarmed look (eyes bugging out of the sockets) and surly tone of voice : ” and why aren’t you stopping at STOP signs, ma’am ?” after proclaiming my innocence at this charge, he then makes me wait for 25 minutes as he checks me out in the data base and then strolls up returning my (his words): “documents.” (my license and insurance cards are: ‘documents’ ?) he also hands me a citation to appear in court !

i realize police need to fill quotas but this is just ridiculous. and oh by the way, kids : one little thing. “criminal that i am,” i DID


… Reading: Rock & Rap Confidential (http://www.rockrap.com) also : Einstein’s Dreams – Alan Lightman and : The Clown – Heinrich Boll