November 4, 2001

November 04, 2001 11:42 PM

tonight , as I was driving home from west Georgia on a dark passage of interstate towards Atlanta, I saw a number of stars in the sky . a 16-wheeler truck came up behind and zoomed past me and as he did so, one of the stars suddenly fell from the sky and vanished. however, it wasn’t a ‘shooting star’….. it was as if the star just gave up and came unglued. … as if it got tired of holding on and simply fell. there was nothing ‘shooting’ or graceful about it. it fell with hesitation . without determination.

a surge of compassion came up in me as i pondered meanings… … in my typical fashion.

and I have been in a place of contemplation for awhile now. nothing is taken for granted or assumed. taking it step by step and doing a lot of reflecting on my life to date.

outside stimulus : Mulholland Drive, the newest David Lynch film which I thought was very good and I highly recommend to anyone reading this. ..

a beautiful contribution this week from vocalist Chris Connelly for my next cd, the Men album. Also recently, the exciting contribution from Alan of LOW. These gentlemen were prompt and professional and enthusiastic and I am proud to know them.

and earlier this very evening, a thoroughly enjoyable conversation on the phone with Mr. William Faith . (Faith And The Muse) I am looking forward to our future performances together. He is a talented guitarist and friend.