November 27, 2001

November 27, 2001 4:55 PM

Today I have been getting work done and looking out of the window at the overcast sky and the once fiery, now rust colored leaves on the ground. They seem to reflect a state of mind. I have this sensation of being scooped out inside my chest cavity.

On the other hand, I do however have a close friend with a big heart who is soft and cuddly to hug — even though it is my imagination who gives him a personality and animation. : )

I’m leaving for NYC again in several days and I’ve heard the reports of the ”airport security” and missing jewelry and other items from handbags and carry on luggage . A police report was filed here in Atlanta recently from a woman en route to San Francisco who says $ 725. was stolen from her purse by an airport security person at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport who insisted on taking the bag to check it out of her sight and disppeared with it for several minutes . He returned the bag to her and then walked away from the security area. When she checked her money in the restroom a moment later, the cash was gone.

Will federalization help ?