December 7, 2001

December 07, 2001 10:54 PM

the image burned in my brain when i looked down over lower Manhattan from my window seat as the plane headed towards LaGuardia airport. later, we would walk down West Broadway to the site. spraying water, cranes, rubble, solemnity. flowers, flags, signatures on fabric, tourists.

earlier we took the subway up to Washington Heights and visited the Cathedral of St John The Divine . Through the years, this is where I have seen: the Dalai Lama receive an award from the Nobel family, Diamanda Galas perform, many other musical performances including David Hykes Harmonic Choir.. It is also where Swans had a day of photos taken for publicity for the Holy Money album.

In light of my companion’s enthusiasm, after the cathedral, we then lunched at Tom’s Diner of Seinfeld fame.

And in the middle of blazing neon in Times Square ( , we observed a cowboy vigorously strumming his guitar wearing boots and a wide brimmed hat – and very little else. .

I was taken to dinner at Roetelle on E. 7th which is one of my longtime beloved restaurants. I also stopped by Evolution (“Natural History on Spring Street”) which is carrying the 2002 Mutter Museum calendar, and Shack Inc, which is the now silver- curtained Tribeca shop/gallery of a favorite clothing designer/artist, J Morgan Puett.

We spent an afternoon in Chelsea visiting the art galleries. I enjoyed the Louise Bourgeois show at Cheim & Read – especially the Couple series … Also visited and of note is the permanent exhibit of the work of Peter Beard at The Time Is Always Now , in Soho.

and it was summer weather in New York in December.