January 4, 2002

January 04, 2002 02:31 AM

Tonight I sit here at this huge 1940’s desk typing these words with frozen fingers. Atlanta has had 4 inches of snow and the furnace is blazing in the basement. My office is more like a porch however and it is freezing in here ! LOL ! Today as I drove a friend downtown, I noticed how relatively empty, i.e. peaceful, the streets were as a result of holidays and ‘black ice’ roadways. I felt like I could breathe and let my shoulders relax. This was nice. . Jim Thirlwell (aka Foetus) phoned and he will be in Atlanta later today to dj at a local club. He is coming over to my house for dinner. I’ll get a photo on the site from the ‘event.’ 🙂 Earlier, half an hour in a Target store looking for a kitchen utensil and two hours ‘hanging out’ at Tower cds and Books listening to bad music on the stores sound system . Looking carefully at a Tom Jones cd containing “She’s A Lady”……mmm.

Sat down yesterday and listed all the projects I have going on for the next six months. I have to stay focused and be healthy. The most important thing to me now is to be honest with myself. It sounds so easy but it is all too easy to get involved with unecessary thoughts and concerns. I am not talking about some kind of ever elusive “self -improvement” like so many foolish Westerners pursue in the hopes of ridding themselves of something ‘wrong.’ I am talking about actually getting to know oneself and accepting who you are and experiencing self love. You can feel bliss if you meditate and shut off all the clutter. Just accept yourself and let the joy in. Stop fighting yourself. You cannot force change upon yourself. The world will change you if you experience self – love.