January 7, 2002

January 07, 2002 12:44 AM

the beginning of another week. there is so much going on now that I really have to manage not only my time but my energy. there is a fine balance that opens the gate to harmony. one aspect is letting go and not dwelling or obsessing on things out of my hands or control. thoughts can steal energy. conversation and interaction with another person can steal it – as well as recharge your mind. knowing the difference and the limits is the delicate dance. i have learned not to become overly giddy in the good times because the crash is always devastating if you soar too high. ‘crash and burn’ was a philosophy i had in *another* life time…. another aspect is to not take initial character assessment of others as divine woman’s instinct. the instinct is a survival mechanism but even a dangerous acquaintance may hold some kind of key . i do not have to metaphorically or literally sleep with someone to turn the key.

jim thirlwell came over for dinner 2 nights ago. we talked about a book he had enjoyed called : The Age Of Spiritual Machines . i will be reading it next. . jim later did an amazing dj set at a club which i enjoyed under the spinning mirrored disco ball with eyes closed and frantic feet. www.foetus.org

also watched the video : The Insider. Excellent film.

another thought over the weekend: people reveal their ‘crass’ ignorance in little things. perhaps the worst offense is familiarity expressed when it has not been earned , not been invited .