January 13, 2002

January 13, 2002 5:33 PM

Lately I’ve been having dreams about men past and present in my life. I wrap my arms around them. They are gentle and need to be fed. I give them nourishment. I protect them with my body, with my stamina and fortitude. Light and heat go out from me into them as they close thier eyes.

The ‘Men’ album has brought me into contact with distinctive voices. I have been in contact with artists I previously only knew from their recordings. Being open and flexible to the exchange of ideas is enjoyable and in the case of these musicians, the most intense exchange happens via the music. Its like William Faith said to me last night: “making the music and not just talking about it!”

Iva Davies is one of the most talented people I have met in this process. www.icehouse-iva.com