January 20, 2002

January 20, 2002 12:25 AM

I’m finalizing two new interviews for the site and preparing for two more. With this in mind, travel for one of them is on the horizon. Also preparing for a recording session in Los Angeles as well as conversing independently with both Kris Force (Amber Asylum) and Steve Von Till (Neurosis) about our collaborative recording projects. Also reviewed home studio options this past week at Diana Obscura’s. Listening to a Tom Jones c.d. that features “She’s A Lady,” and to Edward Ka-Spel’s c.d., ‘Caste O’ Graye Skreens’. I also heard Larsen’s ‘Rever’ c.d. tonight and enjoyed… My fingers are again ice as I type. Fantasizing how seductive a blazing fireplace would be in here…….mmm ! I’ve also been enjoying a dialogue philosophical in nature with three courteous and intelligent people who have come into my life via my internet presence. I did an interview recently where I was asked about the impact of my website and the internet in general on my life. When I first got online in 1997, I suddenly realized the communication possibilities and how it could be applied to my work. Now, I don’t think about it as anything other than a symbol of the speed of contemporary life which gets faster and faster and faster.

heard on Nat’l Public Radio today when I was driving in my truck: “It’s a sign that things are getting back to normal when a PRETZEL takes headline news… So, Thank You, Mr. Salty !”