January 27, 2002

January 27, 2002 01:50 AM

The past couple of days have been valuable lessons in communication with others and with self. William Faith was here on Thursday and Friday. He is a thoughtful and a witty conversationalist. Chef Brian Gray made a vegetarian dinner in honor of his visit. Then tonight, I saw Koyaanisqatsi at the Fox Theatre with Philip Glass Ensemble. It was a meditative and quietly personal experience. .

Silence and sharing simple pleasures and laughing …are elements to hold dear. There will always be someone or something to try and disrupt your harmony and your peace – if you look at it that way. To find ways to keep those things from harming your place of balance is surely something that is lifelong. You can look at challenges and also ‘enemies’ as valuable tools for self-growth. Learn to recognize ‘vampires’ – allowing your energy to be sucked out of you. I have developed a sense of ‘danger on the horizon’ and rather than upset my equilibrium, I prefer that the energy that comes up against me, simply floats away leaving my tranqility intact. (“Choose your battles.”)

Sometimes it works !