February 1, 2002

February 01, 2002 12:39 AM

This year’s birthday was one of SURPRISES. A pair of shiny cherry red Reeboks arrived from Joshua ! A Brazilian cookbook with a special gift card message arrived from Leo, a stack of cdrs arrived from Neurosis with foundation tracks of the full length cd I am doing with them !!!

And if that wasn’t enough , David J ! contacted to say that his collaborative effort to the Men album was in the mail (“Angel” for those of you who have the basic rough draft of ‘songs before collaboratives’ – the Dislocation c.d. ) as did the David Torn (“Penance” on Dislocation)!

AND I felt light inside and happy when I received several wonderful emails of best wishes from members on the Swans list as well as to my personal email address. Thank you so much all of you.

On my birthday, I had a very unglamourous afternoon of renewing my truck license followed by a wonderfully bizarre and blazing hot (as in peppers !!) dinner at a local ‘fusion’ style restaurant with a Chinese accent. Put out the fire with a pinot noir and slept like a baby !

Got my tickets to go back to NYC today. Looking forward to my conversation with Diamanda Galas. Los Angeles is also very soon. Recording session for the ‘MEN’ c.d……