February 4, 2002

February 04, 2002 11:14 PM

here I am again at the keyboard with hands of ice . winter in the South. i’ll see frozen golden daffodils in the morning from the kitchen window and there will be brown-edged hard pink camellias under my bedroom window. Today has been nourishing however, despite the cold weather. for in my mailbox were waiting two packages : the sexy and sinister mix from David J (www.davidjonline.com) for the Men album , and a surprise gift of the excellent Largo c.d. (www.firstworldmusic.com ) by Bill Rieflin and Chris Connelly. (Chris is to be on ‘Men.’)

I have also been listening to the cdr sent to me by Neurosis for our project together. They are so full of vitality. This music inspires me and my mind is electrified in pure bliss. ……… The West Coast has so many amazing musicians. I am happy to report that I arrive in L.A. on Feb 16 to work with two of them !

And last but not least, we’ve been enjoying the sinful chocolate birthday cake the ‘Minister Of Consumption’ sneaked into my refrigerator. . .