February 13, 2002

February 13, 2002 12:41 AM

today = bombardment = chaos . intense traffic. people talking too much, too loudly. too many places to drive. too many things to “get done”. BUT on the horizon : i get on an airplane Saturday to Go West. . . one of my favorite places in America : Los Angeles. For some reason, everyone I know in L.A. gives off an energy that puts me in fine spirits. Maybe I just do it right by staying for short intense bursts of time and so familiarity doesn’t set in. ? Whatever it is, I love the place and am happy to be going there again. If the beefsteak is New York, L.A. is the spicy curry. And music with Ms. Paz and Mr. Faith. This will be a working trip but I’ll post an Artery or two to let you know how things are going in the studio and with any “extra curricular” activities… XXX