February 25, 2002

February 25, 2002 1:34 PM

New York City. Yesterday I met with Diamanda Galas. Coming quite soon now, I have the honor to present on this site an uncensored, unedited dialogue with this unique, significant, and formidable woman.

Compared to my experience here two months ago, the city is again charged with the crush of people on the streets crowding into shops, cafes, bars… I walked through Tribeca to visit Shack, Inc. with its homespun and nostalgic yet contemporary , distressed seamed clothing. I wore designs on stage from this company for both the ’95 and ’97 Swans tours and the designs just keep getting more beautiful.

Next, Soho. Slowly wandering through the store of mega-sound system club music and artfully arranged, extravagantly priced clothing, I realize there is surely no better illustration these days of what Soho has become over the past few years, since the art galleries moved out and up to Chelsea, than the transformation of this former Soho location of the Guggenheim Museum into an internationally acclaimed “gallery/performance space” of a huge… PRADA store.