March 23, 2002

March 23, 2002 12:56 AM

Tonight , away from the ‘tones’ of a new age saxaphone, I sat on a bench in a quiet corner of the book store. I was in a peaceful place and deeply absorbed looking through some titles on architecture. After an hour, my concentration was disrupted by a man’s whiny tone of voice 20 feet away in conversation on his cell phone. “Are you okay?.. Did he hurt you ? ..Is there blood?.. How much blood? ..Would you lie to me?” “You know you should leave him.” … is part of what was being forced into the air. After putting my head over my ears with my elbows on the book in an attempt to ignore this scene, I felt a growing sense of irritation at this man for bringing his Cell Drama into the book store. After all that “concern” for whoever he was talking with, he immediately called one friend and then another asking them in a gregarious tone what bar they were in tonight and were there any women and that he would see them soon.

I went back to the book. Two minutes later, a woman on the aisle behind me is obviously on her cell phone. She says:”Were you with HER or not? If you were not with her, why didn’t you leave and come see me like you said?” ETC ETC. All the details about what a “deceitful” two timer he ……. Fortunately she practiced the New Courtesy. She got up and walked away and out the door – as she let him have it in her Cell Drama.