April 7, 2002

April 07, 2002 12:12 AM

John Cale – command of voice and piano. Tom Waits – in a searing spotlight cutting through cigarette smoke and an otherwise dark stage. Annie Lennox -in androgynous splendor.

The delight. I love the seduction that is the craft of the seasoned professional. And I recognize when I am in the presence of one. At that point, I can relax and let them in. At that moment, they are at the helm . This IS pleasure.

Last night, the showman par excellence was DAVID J. As he himself says, he ‘works with’ whatever happens – whether it is feedback from the monitor as in moments of last night’s show, or the ‘unexpected’ while recording. And like all truly great professionals, he exemplifies humility and grace. Also an intelligent sense of humor comes through in much of his work. I loved his wicked cover of ‘Goldfinger.’

Anyone aspiring to the stage or utilizing it, whether as a musician /singer/ actor/ entertainer… would do well to see this gentleman’s show. You can learn valuable lessons, techniques and attitude from DAVID J.

True performers. In the tradition of cabaret. In the tradition of the STAGE. Polished yet of full heart. They are radiant. They are indeed unforgettable. And far from mere manufactured products of an industry.

VISIT : www.davidjonline.com