May 17, 2002

May 17, 2002 02:40 AM

“a man who hates can be converted into love, but with a man who is simply indifferent, there is no go. So if somebody hates you it is possible to make friendship with him. But if somebody is indifferent, there is no possibility; friendship cannot grow. It never grows on the soil of indifference. It can grow even on the soil of hate but never on the soil of indifference. So anything that melts you and warms you up is good. The first choice always must be love. If that is not possible, the second choice is anger. And these are the only two choices- The third is not a choice : That is where people are, already are. Thats why you see so many dead people, walking corpses…They are alive only for the name’s sake- because they are indifferent…They are insensitive, indifferent. They exist closed inside themselves in a capsule of indifference. They are not yet born – they are still in the womb. .. . One day simply sit silently just being loving…..and you will see that it is flowing. Then you will know the key : love is the key…Love is the flow.”

– Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh