June 16, 2002

June 16, 2002 12:32 AM

Two nights ago, I had dinner with my friend BILL RIEFLIN who was in town to do a concert in KMFDM www.kmfdm.net as the bass player. Bill has been involved with a number of projects including years as the devastating drummer in MINISTRY and various eclectic sojourns such as NINE INCH NAILS “Fragile” c.d. He is , of course, the drummer on SWANS’ “Great Annihilator” as well as multi-instrumentalist and engineer for M.GIRA’s “Drainland” c.d. Bill also has his own company www.firstworldmusic.com The KMFDM show was packed. Moshing and stage diving were the order of the evening as well as piercings and mohawks and cowboy hats and black. The show was loud with a lot of low end rumble but not intolerable or bouncing my internal organs around like an early SWANS show. The crew and the band were very polite and pleasant people after the show and we will be posting a picture of Bill and me backstage later on today on this site. Check out this tour if you like a fun night and industrial club style heavy beats. Fashion tip : I suggest you wear my ‘KILLER” shirt and you will not only make a statement but you will feel real GOOD in your skin. hmmm. 🙂