June 29, 2002

June 29, 2002 02:37 AM

Louisiana Gumbo at midnight by candlelight in my front yard. Courtesy of Todd Z. cook “extraordinare” down from New York for a visit. It was quiet except for the cicadas. We sipped Peppermint Paddock under the moonlight at this most glorious late evening feast. Everyone here is sound asleep. I put the kitchen in order, then dissolved some melatonin under my tongue before sitting down at the computer. Body is tired. Mind is active. ..Sleep is coming. Today , our second trip to the Farmer’s Market for exotic ingredients. Today, a trip to Olympic Park here in Atlanta where we visited the brick with a heart, my name and Michael’s name engraved upon it Photos taken and posted soon. This is a time to feel life and the intensity of every breath. I am grateful for those who care about me and very aware of how much weight every decison and commitment carries. Things have again become complicated . To watch every breath and bring it in fully and expel it fully – is of the utmost importance. This is a time to reflect upon that act.