July 23, 2002

July 23, 2002 12:45 AM

Late yesterday afternoon a very loud thunderstorm and angry lightning took out the electricity in this area for 6 + hours. I lit candles and wrote for awhile (the old-fashioned way via pen and paper) from a place of self -reflection and criticism reviewing certain aspects of my life and the things that are depleting my energy and corrupting my ability to focus. . I woke up after very little sleep early this morning again in a state of nervous agitation and too many things crowding my thoughts.

The next several months are going to be very active. Several recording projects and concerts are in preparation. “DISSECTION” is ready for pre-release orders any moment , and a ‘spoken word’/ atmospheric cd will join asap. Alan Sparhawk is producing the new Rivulets cd for his label, Chairkickers Union, and I am adding background vocals and some additional arrangement ideas to a song. Also my vocals for the project with Neurosis will be completed in the next few weeks. ..Production on MEN is ongoing as I await two more mixes and look for the “right” vocalists to join me on two remaining tracks.