July 25, 2002

July 25, 2002 4:09 PM

Like the geysers and bubbling mud that made such an impression upon me in Iceland, I notice anger and frustration erupting all around. I remind myself when something comes along such as injury, death, birth, triumph, set-back, rewarded trust, betrayal. . . you can bounce around with your reactions and be a slave emotionally, a punching bag, a merry go round… or be detached and look out at these things as they happen and go by . You are observing but not actively participating. Any other way and you are at the mercy , the whim of life’s chaos. You can try to impose order on the things you cannot control but suffer the consequences . The only power is in choosing your battles, deciding what to absorb, and considering what it is to be internally aloof no matter how many masks are worn.

” In some ways, he would spend the rest of his life transforming the demons into art, creating fiction as a way of dealing with fear…”

An Invisible Spectator – A Biography of Paul Bowles

– Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno