July 28, 2002

July 28, 2002 11:58 PM

All around me people are on the highwire having their dramas. Some without a net. Basic human needs again dictated by how a person thinks determine happiness and motivation and conflict. .And I’ve had a surreal week of altered awareness. A pulled muscle enters the fray demanding I do battle with a new realm of pain. This shockwave has its way with me under the weight of several projects and personal life situations, all acrobats flipping in progress simultaneously in my brain.

Dissected is coming. A live performance in Portugal is coming. A ‘spoken word’ cd is coming. A DVD of my show at the Knitting Factory NYC is coming. and MEN are … HA not that. still breaking my heart.

. .

The atmosphere : my bulky computer monitor is the source of heat in this room. there is a window almost the size of one whole wall with a fan sucking in a cool evening breeze but it is no contest. the monitor is just too damn hot. there is a hum of the computer meets the hum of the fan meets the cicadas and crickets outside the window. We are approaching what is lovingly referred to as “dog days” in the South. …