August 1, 2002

August 01, 2002 12:57 AM

This was a day of receiving and giving. I received a package from Italy sent by FP who is in the band Larsen. I did vocals for a song by the band Rivulets for Alan Sparhawk’s label, Chairkickers Union. ….. I will formally announce the details of my first ever performance in Portugal soon. I might tease you now with September 14 and Porto. . . I again fly to Los Angeles later this month to complete the lead vocals on the full length album I am doing with Neurosis. .. And I had a dream last night about Phil Anselmo. He was singing with me on a song for my ‘Men’ album. Sometimes dreams come true. hmmmm…..Rock can be one of the finer things in life. ‘Here’s to passion. Here’s to balls. To licking flames, you give your all.’ LOL ! — If you are reading this, you ‘know.’ And if you know , you are not anemic. Make intensely beautiful love now.