August 4, 2002

August 04, 2002 02:26 AM

The “Dissected” cd project. It seems that when limitations are thrown off and imagination is encouraged, a certain attitude comes into play and gives birth to ZEAL. A lot of fun for everyone involved, “Dissected” is entirely self released and pre-orders are being taken to create the special limited run. Another independently released project of spoken word/atmospheres is coming this fall. I believe in the power of the internet and the idea that as a vocalist/musician I can take my work directly to the people who are interested in it without the outside concern of putting work into slots. Now even the giant labels are downsizing and musicians everywhere are learning the importance of truly offering more to their audience. I have heard a lot of pessimistic projections from companies and artists alike. And what I have to say is : Clear and unwavering, stick to your vision. don’t let anyone dilute it. you feel the truth in your gut. believe in yourself. encourage invention, experimentation, freedom, work. Once you let passion touch you inside, you will never lose it . Here’s to passion. Here’s to independence and importantly : Here’s to YOU. XXXOOO