August 18, 2002

August 18, 2002 4:58 PM

here i am in Los Angeles on an unusually cold summer morning listening to Devendra Banhart on the stereo. This has been an extremely eventful stay . I have completed recording the vocals for the cd with Neurosis – having found the place for my selected voices (soft and breathy – to animal growls, primate screeches) to inhabit their world. Last night, in the company of David J, Monica, and William ( Faith &the Muse), I went to a club featuring electro-craze bands and an eclectic assortment of attendees. Friday evening, Scott Martin and I went to see Michael Gira do a solo performance. The show was energetic, emotionally intense and dynamic. MG strummed and attacked his guitar. His voice held full bodied long notes, yelped, and shouted. There was an enthusiastic crowd with, notably Vudi (AMC, Swans). This afternoon, I visit Lustmord !