August 25, 2002

August 25, 2002 5:41 PM

an observation again (that keeps getting richer and deeper upon reflection with all its manifestations) is that the awareness and determination resulting from non-desperate but self-assured fighting spirit and full-blooded vigor is essential for not just survival but a real sapience that leads to fulfillment. That fulfillment could be called : power, success, accomplishment, harmony, or personal Actualization – no matter what form it takes.

i look around me and I see persons who have periods of crash and burn. the ones that pick themselves up and go back into the chaos that expelled them and ride it like a bucking bronco aren’t necessarily ” taming ” relying on some kind of blind and stubborn ego or heroic imposition . They ARE trying a different method , readjusting their thinking , walking away with new insight. They get RESULTS and turned potentially destructive chaos into enhancement.