August 29, 2002

August 29, 2002 12:52 AM

Digital Karaoke. What does “live in concert” mean ? I was talking to professional roadie, Hank Fury about this subject. He is currently on tour with Cher . This is the era of the digital show. Every night, the show sounds exactly the same and is exactly the same length. It is run on SIMPTE code via computers and the musicians and singers play along with themselves on stage but as there is no deviation and their live sound is merely doubling the “pre recorded” sound, it does not matter if you make a mistake or even play a single note. It makes no difference if the singer is out of tune or missed a phrase. The computer generated show will override all. Arena shows are not the only ones utilizing this approach, of course. It is pervasive. The approach is counter to my interest in and attitude about performance. To me, variations are inherent in the live music experience and a song is never played or sung in exactly the same way twice. In Swans, we also made a dramatic distinction between our recordings and our live shows. The live performances took on a dimension distinctly their own and took into account the interaction on that occasion with the audience and the very atmosphere of the evening. Organic vs Digital Karaoke .