September 1, 2002

September 01, 2002 5:19 PM

Every evening before I sleep, I have been reading the autobiography of Paul Bowles and also studying photographs of interior design that I find soothing and inviting such that I imagine myself there. Often I find myself in these interiors in dreams – which is of course, one of the goals. I’ve also again been reviewing a NYTimes “bestseller” that some friends gave me last year. Here are a few lines from it that I have been pondering : ” By forgiving you, I am releasing me.” “You forgive for yourself.” “When you choose to bear anger… you build a wall around yourself.” “If you are criticizing, you are not connecting.” ” You create your own experience; get off your partner’s back and you may see your partner moving toward rather than away from you. You will also start realizing that you have a lot of work to do on yourself and that no amount of criticism of someone else is going to improve you.” (Relationship Rescue- P.C. McGraw. PH.D.)