September 24, 2002

September 24, 2002 9:50 PM

Now that the performance in Portugal has happened, I’m conceptualizing San Francisco’s performance on Nov 14. A different mood. A different atmosphere. As I reflect upon the broad body of work from which to choose, I’m intensely aware of the rich history and all of the experiences my career has given to me. I was telling someone a few nights ago about my first impression of Slovenia and the mountain pass over the Alps, promoter Igor Vidmar, NSK, The Grand Hotel, the castle, and the “dragons” on the bridge….Ljubljana and also Prague are cities that upon first impression in the mid to later mid eighties filled me with wonder and exhilaration unlike any other cities throughout Europe. .. Last night, a solitary run on the 3 mile path through the park to try and clear my head. Today has been a strange one. Autumn is in the air. There is no need for a fan this evening at the window. We had a flood over the weekend and some people in the west part of the city lost their homes. This evening I was moving heavy branches out of the rain water drainage path. And I have things on my mind as I checked email for the first time in days. The diversity of my world : I hear from my new friend F. P. who is in the band Larsen who has sent some casual photos of my Porto show and invited me to collaborate, record, and perform with him for a month in Italy (!), and then from an older friend who writes he is “in NYC with Courtney Love to do an MTV special.” chacun a’ son gout !