October 6, 2002

October 06, 2002 12:09 AM

A celebration of Yum Yab. Today at Oglethorpe University Museum Of Art, I saw an exhibit called : The Female Buddha – Women Of Enlightenment In Tibetan Mysticism. In attendance were a group of Tibetan monks in their deep red robes.


This was my first vist to this exhibit. It was so inspiring that I will go back and meditate upon the images, symbolism before the show’s closing.

There were several paintings that I loved depicting (using here the museum’s description) : “the yum of yab-yum.”

Yab-yum literally means “father-mother ” in Tibetan and is depicted in Buddhist paintings and statues as pairs of male and female deities in sexual union. These paired figures express the union of wisdom and skillful means of action. The male figure embodies compassion and the female represents transcendent wisdom. In Buddhism, the marriage of wisdom and compassion are deemed necessary for transcending the self .

I reversed this phrase for the song Yum Yab for my own visual depiction such that the female consort dominates.