October 10, 2002

October 10, 2002 02:22 AM

Today I finalized the set list for the show in San Francisco with William Faith on guitar. I also worked on lyrics for songs I will be recording with Kris Force (Amber Asylum). I emailed Fabrizio of Larsen about my trip to Italy in 2003 and our recording project and live shows. We plan on doing 3 shows but I also want to play Gdansk , Prague, and an area outside of Budapest. We are going to try our best to make these happen. More as it develops. I enjoy the discipline of doing certain activities on a regular schedule. I have been sitting zazen for awhile now and also running at least every other night. Scott told me of a run in Los Angeles towards the Hollywood sign. I will plan on doing it at least once while there. I have also been aware of careful thoughts. Not jumping to conclusions. Not reading something into it. To simply listen and observe. When you have developed a habit of interpreting actions and words via your own filters, you can become suspicious and unhappy. Even paranoid. You can frustrate those near you and turn them away. Their inhibition they may say is a result of not being understood. To be understood — not to color with implications and a bigger meaning. Someone told me recently : “the past is dead.” Another person told me they needed “to be understood.”