October 18, 2002

October 18, 2002 01:45 AM

The air is cooler. My hands are again feeling remote as I type. This room is much smaller than the one I had as an office last winter so at least it will be easier to warm it up. The agenda now is preparing for the concert in San Francisco , completing my lyrics for the new recording project I am doing with Kris Force , and working on setting up some special shows in Europe . We are now talking of Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland and maybe even Hungary. If it were up to me, I would play for sure in these last three countries. I can’t explain it. It has something to do with the soul. . . My personal life agenda is keeping the discipline of meditation and sitting with my hurts and fears. Letting them come into me fully and flow through me. Watching them fade and recede. I know they are always there but I can watch them recede and not control me. I do feel that this is easier for me to say than to do but I am aware of the importance to my health and well-being and so I will continue. Have almost finished the book : Shackleton’s Way. Antarctic explorer and extraordinary leader. One of the lessons upon reading this book has been the emphasis Shackleton put on downtime and play amongst his crew as a means for releasing tension, fear, and stress.