November 8, 2002

November 08, 2002 10:28 PM

Rain. It has been raining and raining here in Los Angeles – since I got here yesterday. 7 &1/2 hours flight that went by so fast , it is as if I literally got here via Sci Fi time machine portal. One reason for time going by so fast for me these days is that my entire system is in the primitive survival ‘fight or flight’ mode. Upheaval. I’m not happy with what is going on because it feels deceptive and clouded. I wake up and the first thing in my mind is this sense of unreality : “Is this really happening ?”….. .. . .Today, my friend Scott and I had a spicy Chinese meal for lunch and dessert called ‘Great Wall of Chocolate’….. We talked about films, the industry, acting, his plans in Hollywood, and the machinations of human motivation and indulgence. Scott has strong views, yet what I really appreciate about him is his “bullshit detector.” He doesn’t dance around an issue but goes straight to the heart of the matter. .. I’m receptive to that attitude now from all of my friends.. . .. William Faith has been sick with an alarming viral throat infection. We have a show in only 5 days. Today I purchased liquid echinacea in an attempt to build up my own defense against the virus . William is on medicines and has been resting. My hope is that tomorrow, Saturday, will bring rapid advancement in rehearsals with only good health coming our way. XXX J