November 13, 2002

November 13, 2002 01:54 AM

What is worth fighting for ? Self-love. Self-acceptance. Insight…. . . Back from the final rehearsal. I’m at Scott’s house. It’s in an area located under the famous Hollywood sign. Again, I love coming to Los Angeles. I never shake the feeling I’m in a wonder world , a magic place. .. I had fun today as I went to a large toy store near the Farmer’sMarket and stroked the soft fur of the teddy bears. I miss my Bartholomew. An important phone call to Victor. He assures me B. is safe and sitting on my bed at home. ….Today I ate at ‘Morels Bistro’. They serve steak frites, oysters, and chocolate mousse ! WOW. …William and I fly up on Jet Blue tomorrow. Kris Force meets me at Oakland Airport. We head out to her place in glorious Pacifica. On the OCEAN. I cannot wait to run along the beach and sleep with the roar of the tide at night. .. Between that rhythm and the rhythm of the TRANCE music William has been plying me with nightly on the drive from his home, I am beginning to love and accept MYSELF ! again.

What is worth fighting for ? Self -love. Self-acceptance. INSIGHT.

the Gerhard Richter show awaits me in S.F. seeing more friends. recording music. the ocean air.

Performing for one of the best audiences in the world. “San Francisco here I come”.

Let me heal. Let me heal you. Send me LOVE. let me love YOU.