November 14, 2002

November 14, 2002 02:22 AM

Webcast update : I learned today that the show will still be filmed and archived on for two weeks and the audio portion will definitely be live even if there are problems with the visual . .So listen in Nov 14. Here i am in one of my favorite places ever : Pacifica, the home of Ms. Kris Force. The ride from the airport is impressive over the Bay Bridge with the city of San Francsco lit up at night – absolutely glorious. What a skyline. . Had dinner at a Thai place – ginger cake for dessert. I will read for awhile now, meditate, then go to bed early. Sound check is tomorrow afternoon and of course, the concert in the evening. ..Rec’d a tender email of well wishes for my show from my family in Atlanta. Victor says they will all be watching the webcast. I’m an “outsider”, but when I get a sense of being understood, as with their compassionate email, it makes me look up. It’s like catching a meteor, a falling star – out of the corner of your eye. You noticed something dazzling. You smile. Blink..It’s disappeared.