November 16, 2002

November 16, 2002 02:22 AM

to all the people who turned out to support me last night : i love you. and i thank you for your love . And I bow to the people who traveled all the way from Washington D.C…… I just got in from a great afternoon and evening in San Francisco in the delightful company of one Mr. Chris Lane. He was also invaluable to me last evening on behalf of my show and is a true gentleman. We went to S.F. Moma to view the …stunning Richter exhibit, met musician Jean Marmeisse and his partner (visiting from Paris…Jean has a contribution on the Dissected c.d.) at the W hotel bar, and then Chris treated me to a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called : Foreign Cinema. I had spicy lamb, pumpkin soup, and we both enjoyed most of a terrific zin before I somehow knocked the bottle over in the midst of an “exuberant” tale. (Ahem.) Still, a memorable relaxing evening in the aftermath of last evening’s event. I have heard numerous opinions now about the performance last night. THE GOOD AND THE EVIL : Ultimately, my own experience was that the p.a. was extremely loud to my ears . The sound in the room was much louder than the monitors and for me, that is not an ideal stage envirionment. I prefer to hear the instruments and my dry, raw untreated voice through the monitors and an amp on the stage and not have the monitors compete with such a surround sound p.a. which is only truly suitable for a full band. I decided after last night that an intimate emotion – based set needs an intimate room ! and I got the sense that the room last night was suited for rock and roll and techno. ..Finally, there is a difference between executing the parts to a musical structure and performing the song bringing it to life. Performing the song with genuine passion INVESTED is the heart of work for me. Once you learn the parts, the real work has just begun. The consistent commentary was that the emotions came through last night in my performance. That is the only gift I can give. ..and the only thing ultimately within my control..

It was a joy to see Alan and Mimi (Low) last night as well as Steve Von Till, and many friends.

Tomorrow Kris Force and I will record on our new project together. I also look forward to the workout of the hike up the bluff , down to the raven grounds with cypress trees, and along the crashing waves of the ocean here in beautiful Pacifica.