November 21, 2002

November 21, 2002 04:34 AM

I felt it eminating from me , an innocence. I came back to Atlanta energized and “light as a feather”. I felt like laughing and being happy. Finding my center. After a wonderful last night in San Francisco on the marina and in China Town , I was thoughtful and ready to face the uncertain turmoil. Yet Healing and positive. I am turning to books and meditation to balance and stay foused on work and living from the peace that resides deep inside. The focus : Europe in February/March, the MotherTongue spoken word cd, & completing the MEN album.

Spoke with Victor about a special poster and small book of images of me . He seemed enthusiastic about the idea so it will happen.

It is cold and wet here.

I am fueling myself with an open heart and will remain vulnerable and face the cold fire as it rains down – palms up, head bowed.