December 1, 2002

December 01, 2002 03:47 AM

Sell your cleverness. Purchase bewilderment. – Rumi. Send BLAME out of your life. There are NO justified resentments. Give up your personal history , your bags of manure. Don’t assign responsibility to someone else for where you are in your life. Highly effective people do NOT focus their energy on what is wrong. They focus on what is right. .You do not have any problems. You just THINK you do. They are not “out there.” They are IN your thoughts. The energy that you have for what you want is in your thoughts. Changing your thoughts is how you change the “problems” in your life. Revenge/Anger or Compassion/Love – Which will win ? Whichever one you FEED. . Send love in response to fear and anger. If you focus on what you DON’T want, you will keep GETTING it ! You cannot give away what you don’t have. If you don’t have love in yourself, you can’t give love. If you are filled with contempt, anger, fear, then you give those things away. Resentment towards another always results in your own despair -which in turn harms you. Abundance comes back to you when you give. Kindness , love, peace, joy. If these things are inside you and you give them away each day, they will come in abundance to you. AVOID ALL THOUGHTS WHICH WEAKEN YOU. Shift your thoughts to neutrality, love, divinity. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. What you EXPECT is what you will FIND. Change your expectations and you change your manifestation. – from Dr Wayne Dyer.. Go to thy bosom. Knock there and ask thy heart what it doth know. – Shakespeare.. You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. – Albert Einstein

Breathe IN. Breathe OUT. Breathe IN. Breathe OUT……