December 8, 2002

December 08, 2002 6:39 PM

Over the past several days, Nicole Boitos and I have gone to exhibits here in Atlanta that are memorable and powerful. WITHOUT SANCTUARY – Lynching Photography in America at the Martin Luther KIng Center is a traveling exhibit of graphic photos of horrific lynchings in the southern United States from 1910 to 1930. There are no words strong enough to describe this exhibit. See it please. ……..We also saw BLOODWORKS – An Exploration Of Sexual Attraction In The Age Of AIDS by artist Robert Sherer. The works are painted in blood both HIV + and – . One of these paintings is to grace my next full length solo c.d. (3 years in the making), entitled: MEN…..Finally, we saw Hope For Humanity : The Quest For An AIDS Vaccine – featuring the photographs of Andrew Petkun . This exhibit is a vivid photo journey to Africa…… I leave on Wednesday for Manhattan both to perform Dec 14 and to record with Joseph Budenholzer.

X I will always love you. Always and forever.