December 17, 2002

December 17, 2002 1:07 PM

NYC. Saturday night , Joe and I did two sets at Loser’s Lounge. We had a primo spot in the show, were well received and I enjoyed working with Joe. Last night he and I recorded my interpretation of the KISS song : ‘Reason To Live”. It came out great. Hopefully everyone reading this will get a chance to hear it soon. Joe and I are now talking about doing an entire album together. He is moving to Scotland so it may happen there in 2003. I have heard selections from the forthcoming Backworld album (Good Infection) which features Isobel Campbell and David Tibet. Wonderful. … Sunday I visited artist Max Frazee at his underground studio on Greene Street in Soho. The studio features a large collection of old axes which hang above your head. Max is an interesting person. He showed me his newest piece on the theme of 9/11. It was powerful and included official documents that he received from personal contacts involved with the clean – up and securing of the underground base/water line wall of the Towers. I had not realized that the Towers had been built upon an old ship yard. Ships and cannonballs from 1700 were uncovered by the crews. . I have now learned that all of lower Manhattan (the financial district) is built upon old ships. . Later on Sunday, I attended a service at Grace Church and had dinner at John’s of 12th Street- an old NY landmark restaurant. Many a celebration has happened at John’s : my birthday, a dinner with Einar of The Sugarcubes, an end of a Swans recording project party, etc. . So, Victor informs me of a magazine called BB with a Swans feature AND he tells me of a good show out at the temporary location of MOMA in Queens. Today I’ll go up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Richard Avedon exhibit.Love from a COLD COLD brittle COLD place.But not in my HEART . ( – ;XXXJ