February 24, 2003

February 24, 2003 11:11 AM

I am here in full coat and hat inside Larsen’s studio in Turin, Italy waiting to rehearse. Today the heat is not working . This is a large high ceiling industrial loft space, so the breakdown of the heater is of big concern to Fabrizio and members of the band. To me, it is both a familiar circumstance (having experienced worse winter conditions in the Swans space in NYC ), and preparation for the upcoming performance at St Johns Church in Gdansk, Poland where we have been forewarned of the utter lack of heat. Today I am not feeling balanced l and I realize it is my system/ my body reacting to the customary heavy Italian dinners eaten late at night combined with the lack of my usual hard exercise. Decided last night to fuel now with lots of vegetables and fruits and daily hatha yoga. There are also 8 flights of serious stairs into the apartment where I am staying which I suppose I could run up if particularly motivated. There are also, by the way, 5 different layers of locked doors and a gate into where I am staying…Last night, after leaving the cafe, we stood talking in the plaza and I became aware of a dark and solemn figure, motionless, in the shadows of the church. It was a woman with a long black coat and head scarf with her head bowed and hands clasped in meditative prayer. I was told that inside this church, people bring in drawings and art and place them on the altar and walls for persons who are seriously troubled and / or sick..