February 28, 2003

February 28, 2003 11:21 AM

Have you ever had juice made from vibrant red blood oranges ? i had it this morning for the very first time and I love it.. yesterday, an electrical storm inside this new computer, my BRAIN. then last night after rehearsing the set and another joyous meal with the band, i came back to the apartment and felt absurdly lonely. . the interesting thing about seizures is that you suddenly find yourself on a desert landscape with an oasis on the horizon like a mirage… Good things on the so-called real life (for all you other regular brain people) horizon : a new tattoo placed into my skin by Larsen’s sweet and ruminating drummer who is affectionately called “Bue”…it seems Bologna changed to March 12, and cellist Julia Kent arrives to join the Larsen recording sessions.

It is warm here today. I am allowing myself a smile amongst these handsome young gentlemen. Fabrizio wears the KILLER t shirt today as he munches on an apple.