March 25, 2003

March 25, 2003 8:26 PM

Emerging . We are all back home now after a brief hiatus but I have been seriously ill for the past 5 days with what the doctor at the ER diagnosed as bronchitis. I’m on antibiotics and bedrest. The fever it seems has left after days of hovering around 100º to 103º . Today is the first day I have been well enough to sit at my desk / download all the email that arrived since I left for Europe over a month ago. Of interest was an update from Steve / Neurosis about our collaborative album . I was pleased with how the vocals came out and I am excited about this upcoming cd with Neurosis as it is a project we talked about doing for years. Lyrically, it comes from a place of solitude, soul searching. Updates on this release as I get them. . more as I feel better.