March 29, 2003

March 29, 2003 11:34 PM

Still emerging from sickness. It is raining now. I have had many things circulating in my head these past few days. Larsen and I are talking about doing a U. S. tour together and I want to make this happen. Realizing again that Attitude is everything. Everything. A positive “can do” attitude moves the world. … Saw the beautiful film “Road To Perdition*” here at home last night. The virus is still in me and I am weak but at least now well enough to watch a film and appreciate its pure beauty. I have been realizing again that I can only live my life for me and the moment I look to anyone else to love me or share happiness with , I have to also open myself to being hurt. A doctor I respected once told me that it was a place of honor to be close enough to another human being for them to feel they can open enough to vent upon you . I remember this observation during the most painful times when it seems to me that my role is to be a vessel for the one I love to release into. What continuously amazes me is that the LIGHT never goes out. I continue to be innocent and hopeful and believe. I believe in the true and ultimate power of love. I believe in acts of kindness and I believe in consideration for others. Investing faith in another person is a good thing. You just have to do it for the right reasons. You cannot control another person’s life. You can only watch it and send as much love as you can. I started writing about St John’s Church in Gdansk, Poland some time ago because the event I did there was spectacular. The lights, the stage where the altar had been, the beautiful 16th century walls… I consider it a great honor to have played a concert inside St Johns. I realized that not everyone I had invited to participate in this event with me was as sensitive as I was at the time and it startled me because I felt that I had shared something sacred. I hope to play there again and I hope to be able to absorb all of the personal power into me and feel the glow of the light of this church in my heart overflow onto those around me who feel great joy in being alive and being able to play music in this special place for people who sincerely care. This is what life is about. This is what this concert was about. …Photos to come . As soon as the photographer can find the time to post the pictures on this site for you. I can’t wait to show you the resulting DVD of this show .

XXX * perdition n. 1.a. Loss of the soul; eternal damnation. b. Hell. 2. Archaic. Utter ruin.