March 31, 2003

March 31, 2003 11:10 PM

The best Rollins quote btw is the one someone I know in Tokyo sends me : “don’t confuse kindness with weakness.” Another person in Russia sends me cryptic messages every week of an entirely different nature. He says alternately that to him I am Lady Luck, a Seer, a key to happiness. Hey – I don’t invite that responsibility (!) but he only responds with another cryptic message. LOL 🙂 hmmm. I had another dream last night about the old city of Gdansk. A port town that looks like Herzog’s Nosferatu. (See this film if you haven’t already.) A romantic place with great soul. In Gdansk, I asked for lights of fire and so when I was at the microphone in St Johns Church , the stage was flooded with deep red. And even though there was no heat inside the church, I was burning and stood in sheer sleeveless black. I will continue to dream of this concert and this stage and now that Sir Vladimir tells me that many people must be informed of concerts in the far-reaching area 3 months in advance, I will do my best to make it happen again.. A significant aspect of my month long stay in Torino is the new and deep friendships with the 4 members of Larsen : Bue, Robi, Fabrizio, and Paolo. Robi by the way is also the Art Director for a magazine. Again, photos soon of the trip. I am feeling better today and joy is tickling my belly. Let it come.