April 3, 2003

April 03, 2003 03:39 AM

The current issue of Outburn has a news piece with a quote from Steve Von Till about the Neurosis / Jarboe album that is coming out this fall 2003. It also has a review of the c.d. Jarboe: Dissected , which the webmaster will be posting on this site in the Press section on Friday. ……Last night , I put together a Japanese style meal with all these wonderful things from Whole Foods : miso, sushi, noodles , sake, Kirin, AND a tofu based mango “cheescake” which was WOW. I heard from someone in San Francisco to eat wasabi and ginger and sushi for my infection. This thing has held on for a LONG time. Anyone reading this who has some suggestions about what to do to clear up an upper respiratory infection, send us an email or post in the Arterium section on this site. Also as I mentioned earlier, LARSEN and I are planning on doing a U.S. tour late summer. Any interested promotors of intimate venues reading this, send us an email, please………

Someone who does not know me decides to judge me . So here is a lovely positive visualization for those who DO know me and CARE what is inside my heart. I’ve been thinking of an image for awhile now. A nude portrait of myself with an external switch subtly protruding from the left center of my chest. I am asking a friend to paint this image . I will put it on this site. It is the way to become -in order to survive -and even though this image is symbolic, it is also truth. There are no words to describe the crushing. And so it will be this painting.

and remember as you read this : i love YOU. i respect YOU. BELIEVE. BELIEVE. BELIEVE. i am here for you.