April 8, 2003

April 08, 2003 03:01 AM

I’ve been forcing myself to go out and see things. Saturday night I went to see the new David Cronenberg film, SPIDER. I was particularly interested to see this since the novel from Patrick McGrath inspired a song of mine called She Crys (for Spider). The film was dark , psychologically disturbing, and beautifully acted. It is a small film without pretension. On Sunday, artist ROBERT SHERER wanted to spend time with me in preparation for our series of conversations which will culminate in an interview for this website. SO he took me along to a “housewarming” at his friends’ place in an old neighborhood that I had never seen , with Victorian style homes. The event was interesting because it was so casual and without agenda. People moved about all through the house, up the stairs, etc and there were lots of conversations all around. It was adult and intelligent and quiet yet joyous. I mostly observed as I always do but ROBERT introduced me to friends of his who were very polite to me. He also took me to his studio afterwards and I got to see one of his new paintings that has not yet been publicly shown. It was a real downpour that afternoon and running through the rain made me laugh. I haven’t been laughing so much the past few days and so to find myself unexpectedly laughing was a real gift. On the way home, my rear right tire blows out wiht a sudden bang. Fortunately AAA comes to the rescue and my spare tire is put on as I stand there in the cold rain watching. ON Sunday evening, I spoke with Ms LYDIA LUNCH on the phone. That was downright inspiring, as always. She is sincere and smart and courageous. Then tonight, I saw my other amazing friend , PAZ . She was in town with her new band, ZWAN. We had a meal at The Vortex, and then I dropped her off at the venue, the Tabernacle . I then went to pick up the formidable V. and we walked in the door right when the band was taking the stage. The show was a surprise for me. Refreshing. It was about the music more than any other aspect. No fancy light show or theatrics to get your attention off of the music. No stage moves to speak of. BILLY CORGAN is the singer yet he was restrained and subtle. Instead, there were long instrumental passages with the band playing as an ensemble. PAZ introduced us to BILLY CORGAN . I was reminded of his impressive interview on the television program, “Charlie Rose”. ZWAN btw is playing on the tv show, “Saturday Night Live”, 12 April . . I felt a glow in my heart watching PAZ in the show this evening. As I watched her, I called upon a giant silvery Angel that could not be seen by the human eye, to descend and wrap wings around her to keep her safe and strong. Angels are THE most powerful creatures. I know this as I have one hovering nearby. . . After talking with her this afternoon, I felt a surge of strength enter me that made me realize I am getting well. I got some grape seed extract tonight to continue to keep the healing going STRONG.