April 12, 2003

April 12, 2003 04:55 AM

Every enemy is someone at war with himself. You yourself fight the inner enemy all the time, mistaking it for someone outside you, like a lover, mother, child, boss. ..Never exact revenge. Instead , be vulnerable. ..Be open when everyone else is armored. In a confrontation in which you show openess, a hurt is less painful than when you are self-protected. This is different from accepting a victim’s role and taking blows; the victim has no goal of her own. The readiness to be hurt in action when you have a target and are moving toward it shows strength; the readiness to be hurt in a passive stance is suicidal. Never exact revenge or penance or make your opponent believe he ‘has it coming to him.’ This implicates you in a mixture of pride and guilt that undermines your position, psychologically and ethically. . You won’t taste peace unless you are in the heart of war, not apart from it. .When does a candle shine the brighest? The answer is : always in the dark. – Harriet Rubin excerpted from : Machiavelli For Women ……. lessons in pain are hard won allies…

minds compress and expand. a gunshot for your now uncertain heart.

– Joshua Fraser