April 22, 2003

April 22, 2003 02:50 AM

I’m in talks now about a series of intimate concerts October 2003 in Gdansk, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Ljubljana, Budapest, Bratislava, Vilnius, St. Petersburg and Moscow. I have already begun designing this performance. It will be demanding and intense. Naturally, I can’t wait… On the home front, the date in Portland is yet to be set but it may be around Memorial Day ! This is perfect because some years ago, Memorial Day weekend in NYC was my first time singing in Swans. The song was Blackmail and I opened the set with it. I had never sung from a stage like that one and to OPEN the set ! Little did I know that MG would ask me to open the set for the next several years ! I didn’t have stage fright per se but I did consume some Cognac that MG offered before we walked on stage. I have never had a drink before I perform since that time ! LOL ! As for the tour with my friends, LARSEN, it is yet to be confirmed. We are planning on a nostalgic rock and roll experience late this summer across AMERIKA . :-)……..Later today, I will see the Angels Of Light in concert here in Atlanta. Then on Thursday, my pal. Hank Fury comes to town with the CHER tour. He wants a home cooked meal and he will get it ! My kitchen is small but it is full of memories and wonderful meals with friends. I can’t wait to see Sir FURY….He beat up a guy who was bothering me one time on tour. Men can be glorious. I certainly feel an affinity with male-ness. I love the defender aspect of certain men. And the men I have loved are always very strong and very intelligent. ….. I joined a Community Outreach program to visit hospital patients. I started back with Losel Shedrup Ling meditation/teaching center. The newest relationship in my life is the one with myself. I will remain true to that relationship. ………………. B E L I E V E