April 30, 2003

April 30, 2003 04:12 AM

i woke up last night with my entire bed moving and my body vibrating. i thought i was having a seizure or a heart attack. it woke me and i lay there experiencing it and let it happen. this afternoon, i hear on the news that we experienced an earthquake here last night. i realized that was what had awoken me. it was very similar to after shocks i have experienced in san francisco. …………. another 5 mile run tonight. tremendous sweat. …..getting ready for Portland. My concert will be May 26 at The Blackbird. ………….. ….. …but since men are evil and will not keep their word with you, you shouldn’t keep yours to them. Never has a prince lacked legitimate reasons to break faith. I could give you an infinite number of examples from modern times, and show you numerous peace treaties and promises that have been broken and made completely empty by the faithlessness of princes: these knew well how to use the ways of the fox, and they are the ones who succeed. But it is necessary to know how to hide this nature and to simulate a good character and to dissimulate: for the majority of men are simple and will only follow the needs of the present, so that the deceiver can always find someone he can deceive…..it’s necessary that he not depart from right but that he follow evil. Niccol Machiavelli ….. ………….

*L I V E*